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Building a Storybrand

How can we use key elements that make a compelling story to create effective marketing messages? This book gives us actionable steps to stop bombarding our prospective customers with noise.

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The Motive

What is your motive to take a leadership position? Is it because it’s the next step on the organizational ladder or is it to get the opportunity to serve? This book challenges us to look at our motivations for leading.

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Death by Meeting

Meetings are critical for making decisions. But we dread meetings because most of them are bad. In "Death by Meeting", Patrick Lencioni shows us how we can change the bad meeting culture and make our meetings both interesting and effective.

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Profit First

This book is a step by step guide to implement the profit first technique - a strategy to divide your income into different buckets and taking a profit before paying your expenses to run an efficient and profitable business

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